The Social Leadership Handbook


Anyone who has been a Learning Rebel for any length of time has hear me wax poetic about Julian Stodd. Simply genius. I am the proud owner of two signed books, and am a self-proclaimed Julian Stodd stalker.

Seriously, buy his books – all of them, cozy in and have highlighter ready. You will not want to miss a word, or phrase. His work about social leadership resonates and there are lessons for us all. So much so, I wrote a post about him and his books.

Favorite quotes: “Everything about how we work and play is changing. The fundamental structure of our society is evolving. How we communicate and, indeed, how we think, is in flux.”

We are not at the dawn of the Social Age: we are already here and we’re kicking down the walls!”


Social Leadership, by Julian Stodd, encapsulates the mindset, skills and behaviours required to be an effective leader in the Social Age. It recognizes that power and authority are founded more on what you curate and share, how you build your reputation, than simple positional authority. It’s a model of leadership that is more fluid and relevant than ones based on longevity, situation or hierarchy. Under a social model, sharing and narrating trump command and control. It’s a collaborative venture with communities at it’s heart. The NET Model of Social Leadership is built around three Dimensions: ‘Narrative’, ‘Engagement’ and ‘Technology’. The NET model is both an idea and a call to arms. This book is a guide for organisations looking to develop Social Leadership capability and for individuals looking to become Social Leaders. Julian Stodd is Founder and Captain at SeaSalt Learning: helping organisations thrive in the Social Age.