MARVEL® Iron Man External Battery Pack


If you travel at all, you’ve been caught with low to no bars at the most inconvenient time. Shame on you I say! Portable chargers have been around for awhile now, and there’s no excuse to be tethered to an airport or conference hall outlet.

However…not everyone has an IRON MAN charger! You know you want it…


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Product Description: In the dead of night, he waits, storing electricity until the moment it’s needed… the moment when all is lost, when your batteries have run dry, when you’re faced with the terrifying specter of no more battery life. He arrives! Cool and calm, he saves the day and lends you his power when you have none of your own. All hope is not lost. You can rest easy again. But… what is this heroic figure thinking? What really lurks behind those bright, electric eyes? What price will he one day demand for all the extra hours of battery life he gave you? The rumors are many. The facts are few. Each day he spends in humble service raises more questions among the wise. Perhaps he’s only biding his time…