Dynotag Web/GPS Enabled QR Smart Deluxe Steel Luggage Tag


As I have mentioned before, I lose stuff… a lot.

However, by the grace of the Travel Gods, I have never lost a piece of luggage. I do have the piece of mind knowing, that if I ever do, this little do-hicky (technical term) will be able to help me out. I don’t have one just on my bag, but within my bag in a hidden place. You know, in case evil travel spirits separate my luggage from my tag – I can find it via it’s own website. Cool, right? Now, I’m covered. You should be too.


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WHAT IS A Dynotag?
A dynotag is a Web-enabled, GPS assisted QR Smart Tag that can be read using a smartphone or any modern web browser.

  • Web powered: Every QR smart dynotag has a PRIVATE web page, works ANYWHERE on the globe with Internet. Setup or view using ANY modern web browser on any device – no smartphone required.
  • Maintenance Free: Tough, waterproof, impact-proof with no batteries, no electronics in tag. Uses PASSIVE GPS tech to track when tag is viewed.
  • This product comes with GOLD level full functionality. LIFETIME subscription is INCLUDED!
  • Easy Setup: In your free dynotag.com account click “Activate Tag”. Up & running in a minute or less. Enter as little (just an email address) or as much (paperback novel) information as you need. Password security included.
  • Made from strong steel and coated with a protective layer, this deluxe waterproof/weatherproof property tag is handsome and tough. Braided stainless steel loop included. Place a drop of glue in the steel loop screw connector to make it permanent.