goTenna Off-Grid Text & GPS


All my close friends, and even some of you virtual friends will probably laugh out loud to think of Learning Rebels being off the grid…and you would be correct. 

I am not an “off the grid” kinda gal. Unless you count being at a resort where off the grid means going to the swim up bar. However, I do know of people who go off the grid with their family and friends – and they use this. Consider being in hike and you want to communicate with your peeps about where to meet up later for taco’s. Let’s say you’ve fallen and you can’t get up…help can be notified.

Perhaps you are skiing and you get separated from the group – you are going to hit the lodge for hot toddies but you don’t want the crowd to become concerned. A full range of possibilities here, if you, your friends and family are adventurous – this is a travel must have.


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goTenna is the first and only way to turn your smartphone into an off-grid communicator.

When there’s no cell coverage or WiFi, activate this sleek yet rugged device and wirelessly pair to your IOS or Android phone via Bluetooth. Within seconds you’re ready to type out texts or share locations on off-line maps with others, up to several miles away. goTenna is sold in pairs, but any unit can communicate with any other users within range – create networks as big or small as you need. goTenna is super-smart, enabling you to easily send private messages to specific people or groups, though you can also broadcast to anyone around. And because this award-winning device generates its own independent signal – no towers, routers or satellites required! – goTenna is as adventure-ready as you are.

  • Use your smartphone to send texts & GPS locations even when there’s no cellular coverage or wifi available
  • Lightweight, weatherproof and super easy to use
  • Send private 1-to-1 and group messages as well as broadcast to anyone nearby
  • Apps include detailed offline maps – free to download for any region in the world
  • Sold in pairs so you stay connected to at least 1 friend (and anyone else using goTenna)